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We hope that you will find this site useful as it includes much information about PTA programs and events that are occurring at the school. Please check back often for updates and announcements.  

We are very fortunate to be part of such an outstanding school community, full of dedicated parents and teachers.  As always, all parents, grandparents, family, and friends are welcome and encouraged to get involved to ensure our programs continue to be fun and successful for everyone. 

Thank you for your continued support!  GO ROADRUNNERS!

(updated as of 2/10/15) 

We need your help to make these events happen.  Please consider signing up.

Caboose Camp (Student Volunteers): 

Study Buddies (Adult Volunteers) - Ongoing:

HIGHLIGHTS: (updated as of 3/4/15)

Updated/New Book and Breakfast:  The Book and Breakfast events are now rescheduled for this Thursday and Friday. Third Grade will be meeting on Thursday, March 5th and the Fourth Grade will be meeting on Friday, March 6th at 8:30am. Discussion leaders and helpers, if you are unable to make the new date please contact Tami Bigger at tamibigger@gmail.com. Volunteers who are helping to set up, please arrive at 8:15.

IF we have a delayed start of school, Third Grade Book and Breakfast will be rescheduled until next week. If there is no change to the normal scheduled school start time, Book and Breakfast will occur as planned. This goes for the Fourth Grade Book and Breakfast as well which is currently scheduled for Friday.


New Caboose Camp:  As a result of the school day 15 minute extension, Caboose Camp will take place from 4:15-5:15pm for this week and next week. Camp will now end on Thursday, March 12th to accommodate for some of the snow days. Due to vendor contracts, there will be no further extension of camp regardless of additional snow days and school closures.


New - PTA March Newsletter:  The March PTA newsletter will be issued on Friday. Please check your email accordingly as details about the Auction and other opportunities to bid on items will be included.


New - Running Club:  For those of you looking forward to warmer weather, Running Club will be starting up again next Wednesday, March 11th (of course, weather permitting).


Reminder - "The Extra 15 Minutes: Why CCPS decided to lengthen the school day for the months of March and April" as explained by Amy Harbert, President of the Chesterfield County Council of PTA's.

Many of you have asked about the snow make-up time or have heard other parents ask.  Here are some things to know behind this decision:

  • Yes, the school division meets the state's minimum requirement (990 hours) for “teaching time.”  That is a minimum – our goal is to teach our students the curriculum and offer them an excellent education. 
  • The school division’s 2014-15 school calendar was built based on the time needed to teach the required Standards of Learning. Each school division is required to certify through the Standards of Quality report that the SOLs have been taught. The time was added back in an effort to provide the teaching time necessary to meet this requirement.
  • In order to best prepare our students, we need this time now. Adding time later in the year will not help our kids get the learning in – whether we like it or not, the SOLs start in May.
  • The extra 15 minutes will be used for academic core class time. Elementary principals have the greatest flexibility within their schedules to add time where their students need it.  Secondary principals will make changes to their schedules as they see fit, to best support the needs of their students.


Reminder - Run for Robious 5K:  The Run for Robious has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 9th.

ReminderReflections:  Congratulations to our Robious students for their outstanding results at the County/District Reflections competition! The first place winners from our school went on to the county/district level competition which was celebrated on February 7th at James River High School. Our students placed in the county/district level as follows:
Adair Breeden - 3rd place Visual Arts
Luri Lee - 3rd place Literature and 2nd place Visual Arts
Nicholas Nekoumand - 3rd place Dance Choreography
Ilana Becker - 1st place Music Composition
Fallon Parish - 1st place Film Production

Ilana and Fallon’s entries will go on to the State Level competition.  We are so proud of our Roadrunners!


Reminder - CCPS Calendar for 2015-2016: To view the approved CCPS calendar for the next academic year, please click here.


Here is the link to the February Newsletter http://conta.cc/1KGKsY
If you would like to receive the newsletter directly to your email account, please send us your information at robiouselempta@gmail.com.



Click HERE for past announcements.

PTA Nominations for School Year 2015-2016

We hope you have enjoyed the many different activities that the PTA has sponsored this year.  But, these events can't happen without the help of you!  

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to serve as lead roles in our PTA. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference at our school and to enhance the educational and social experience of all our students. Serving is a great way to meet new friends, work with our school’s faculty/administration and become more involved in your children’s lives. 

Nominations are now being accepted for PTA Board positions and Board Standing Committee Chairs for the upcoming school year 2015-2016.  
Don’t be shy! Let us know if you are ready to get involved by contacting the Nominations Committee. Additionally, if you would like to nominate someone else, the Committee will happily take their names and contact them regarding a position.

Nominations are now being accepted through Friday, March 20th. If you need further information, please contact either Janet Stevens (jws196@yahoo.com) or send inquiries to the PTA account at robiouselempta@gmail.com.

Nominations Committee:
Jennifer Brace (ennamaggio@gmail.com)
Melanie Brewer (mel_brewer@verizon.net)
Anissa Broderick (anissab15@gmail.com)
Krista Dodson (krista_dodson@me.com)
Jennifer Flournoy (jenniferflournoy@comcast.net)
Jennie Ray (jennieray@bellsouth.net)



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Kisses for Kids Auction 2015. Whether you were an attendee, a donor, a volunteer, or perhaps all three, your support for our school was overwhelming. Your generosity will provide the funding for many initiatives that we undertake for our school and we are very appreciative.

There were many winners from the Auction, not the least of which were the winners of the Teacher Raffles.  Congratulations to all of the students winners!  The student winners should have received a letter from the Auction Committee earlier this week with Raffle details.  To see the full list of winners, please click here.

We missed those of you who could not attend the event.  However, it's not too late to experience some of the excitement of the night.  In the next few days, we will continue to share some aspects of the night. The first of these is the music video created and performed by our wonderful RES teachers.  Please click here to enjoy the video!

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If you would like to submit pictures for our yearbook, please use the link below:
School Code: roadrunners

You can also share your pictures with the Yearbook committee via the free app, HJ eShare. It's available for Android on Google Play and iPhone iTunes Store.